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You will still be able to get federal suedtnt loans as long as you are not defaulted on any past suedtnt loans. Private suedtnt loans are given based on your credit history and I doubt you would qualify for one with a bankruptcy on your credit report.That being said, filing bankruptcy does not effect current suedtnt loans at all you are required to pay them back even after you file bankruptcy. (even if you list them as debt in the bankruptcy you still have to pay them back) If they were in deferment before the bankruptcy, then you prob still are but eventually (or perhaps even now if you haven't been paying on them since the bankruptcy) that deferment period will expire and you again will are required to pay on them.If you do not or have not been making the required payments since the deferment expired, you will eventually go into default and yes, not be eligible to receive additional suedtnt loans.Sorry.

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