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Thanks for this post, Linda. It's so easy to think we have nothing to say. Now we have no excuse.


The way to do this is to negotiate a seteelmtnt amount BEFORE you pay . Get all terms of any seteelmtnt deal you reach with debt collectors IN WRITING BEFORE you give them your money. This letter should state the seteelmtnt amount and that the account will be “paid in full” upon receipt of this amount from you. Keep the letter in a safe place. Never accept seteelmtnt deals over the phone that are not backed up in written terms. If you don’t, the debt collectors will deny that any seteelmtnt was ever made once they get your “seteelmtnt” money and will come back demanding more money from you or they will resell your account to another collection agency months/years later that will start the collection process all over again and you’ll have no proof that the account was paid in full. If you can’t pay off the amount in one lump sum, then make sure that the seteelmtnt letter specifies what interest rate is being charged and that it is no more than 8%.

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