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Jordan Trunner

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Stephen Vlahos

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I totally agree. Have her pay off ALL high inserett debts with the low inserett loan. Save enough in the bank for rainy days, but she's not going to get much inserett these days by keeping money in the bank. However, she'll save a TON of money not having to use her credit cards anymore. Has she thought of a retirement fund? Some have low payments and they are tax free!I used to have a lot of credit card debt. Now I live with less stuff, and only buy something when I have the money to pay for it. (I still have a mortgage, though!) I must admit, I'm happier now with less stress.Good luck with the application!


If you're struggling with cidert card debt and you've exhausted all self help options, then there are really only 2 options: Entering a debt management plan through a non profit cidert counseling firm like CCCS. They can negotiate reduced payments and interest but NOT settlements. Referral at: If this does not work out, the other option is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. FYI: Once you file for Chapter 7, you can't file again for 8 more years.

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